Backup and Recovery for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Instances

Storware Backup for Google Cloud Platform provides reliable backup and fast recovery of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) workloads. It provides comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities for virtual machine instances running on GCP, allowing users to protect their critical data and applications from data loss, corruption, or disaster.

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Storware for Google Cloud Platform

Digital transformation is on the rise as more and more enterprises turn to public cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to become more agile and flexible. But with this increased agility comes greater complexity when it comes to protecting and managing data across hybrid or multicloud environments.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your cloud provider is solely responsible for protecting your data. Remember, GCP operates under a Shared Responsibility model, meaning while they provide uptime, redundancy and failover, it’s up to you to protect and secure your data.

There are several scenarios for GCP which may be suitable for your case:

  • Backup GCE to GCS – in this case after dumping backup, Storware Backup & Recovery can push them to the GCS bucket.
  • Backup GCE to your local backup provider – if you already have a central enterprise backup solution, you may want to use it as a backup provider for GCE instances running in GCP.
  • Backup GCE to your other cloud provider – if you’re using multiple clouds, you also may consider storing data in S3 or Azure backup providers.

Highlights of Storware Backup Solution

One Universal License

Storware is an independent data protection solution with the world’s most extensive portfolio of supported backup sources.


Multiple backup destinations

Store your backups on a file system, using object storage or as a proxy for Enterprise-Grade Backup Providers.

Flexible licensing for the best ROI

Choose what best fits your needs – licensing per Host, per VM, per frontend Terabyte, per user (M365) or per device (Endpoints). We offer perpetual (lifetime software) license or a monthly subscription.

One platform – one universal license – many uses.
Choose efficiency, transparency, cost savings.

Advanced data resiliency for GCP

Role-Based Access Control – Storware offers a unique way to delegate user permissions using Role-Based Access Control. By implementing this feature, you can enhance operational efficiency while improving security. This system ensures that users have access only to the resources they need for their specific tasks, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and changes to important data.

Air-Gap Backup and Immutable Backup Destination – Storware provides two essential tools to secure your data against cyber threats – Air-Gap Backup and Immutable Backup Destination. With Air-Gap Backup, your backups are securely isolated from your production environment, safeguarding them from cyberattacks that may target your live data. The Immutable Backup Destination feature ensures that once your data is written to the backup destination, it remains unchanged and unerasable, providing an additional layer of protection against potential cyber threats.

Encryption – it is one of the essential features that Storware offers to keep your data protected against unauthorized access. Encryption works by scrambling your data using an algorithm that requires the correct key or password to unlock, ensuring that unauthorized users cannot access your sensitive information. With this feature, your data is secured both when it’s at rest and in transit, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind that your data is secure.

Open RESTful API and CLI – Storware Backup and Recovery offers an open RESTful API and Command-Line Interface (CLI), enabling easy integration into wider automation or orchestration solutions. With these powerful tools, you can automate backup and recovery processes, customize workflows, and build bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements. The open architecture of Storware Backup and Recovery ensures seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, streamlining operations and optimizing workflows for maximum efficiency.

Save your resources and time

Snapshot Management – This feature in Storware Backup and Recovery simplifies backup management and improves data availability by integrating snapshots into your backup strategy. This feature enables you to take point-in-time snapshots of your data that can be easily restored in the event of data loss or corruption. With incremental snapshots, you can capture only the changes made since the last snapshot, minimizing backup time and storage requirements. By incorporating snapshots into your backup strategy, you can simplify backup management and ensure that your critical data is always available and protected.

Support for Application (Database) backup – Storware understands the importance of protecting your critical business applications and data, which is why it offers support for application and database backup. This powerful feature ensures that your applications and databases are backed up in a consistent state, reducing the risk of data loss or corruption. Storware’s application and database backup support covers a range of popular platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, giving you the flexibility to protect your data no matter which applications or databases you rely on.

Easy to launch and automate – Storware Backup and Recovery’s streamlined setup process gets you up and running in no time. With an intuitive wizard, the software guides you through the initial configuration of your backup and recovery settings. Additionally, Storware Backup and Recovery’s automation capabilities enable you to schedule backups, automate recovery tasks, and create customized workflows tailored to your needs. With Storware Backup and Recovery, you can quickly and easily safeguard your critical data.

Recover with ease – Recovering from data loss is a breeze with Storware Backup and Recovery, thanks to its versatile instance, volume, and file-level recovery options. No matter whether you need to restore an entire virtual machine, a specific volume, or just a few individual files, our software provides the right tool for the job. With these flexible recovery options, you can quickly and confidently get your critical data back and minimize any downtime caused by data loss or system failure. With Storware Backup and Recovery, you can be sure that your data is always protected and easy to restore when you need it most.

Choose future-oriented solution

Storware Backup and Recovery provides a consistent user interface and management experience across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Additionally, it includes robust security features such as encryption and role-based access control to ensure that data is protected against unauthorized access. What’s more, it offers flexible recovery options, including recovery to GCP, on-premises, or to other cloud platforms, providing you with flexibility and choice in your disaster recovery strategy.