Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Instances
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Storware for Google Cloud Platform

Digital transformation is on the rise as more and more enterprises turn to public cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to become more agile and flexible. But with this increased agility comes greater complexity when it comes to protecting and managing data across hybrid or multicloud environments.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming your cloud provider is solely responsible for protecting your data. Remember, GCP operates under a Shared Responsibility model, meaning while they provide uptime, redundancy and failover, it’s up to you to protect and secure your data.

There are several scenarios for GCP which may be suitable for your case:

  • Backup GCE to GCS – in this case after dumping backup, Storware Backup & Recovery can push them to the GCS bucket.
  • Backup GCE to your local backup provider – if you already have a central enterprise backup solution, you may want to use it as a backup provider for GCE instances running in GCP.
  • Backup GCE to your other cloud provider – If you’re using multiple clouds, you also may consider storing data in S3 or Azure backup providers.
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Highlights of Storware Backup Solution

One Universal License

Storware is an independent data protection solution with the world’s most extensive portfolio of supported backup sources.


Multiple backup destinations

Store your backups on a file system, using object storage or as a proxy for Enterprise-Grade Backup Providers.

Flexible licensing for the best ROI

Choose what best fits your needs – licensing per Host, per VM, per frontend Terabyte, per user (M365) or per device (Endpoints). We offer perpetual (lifetime software) license or a monthly subscription.

One platform – one universal license – many uses.
Choose efficiency, transparency, cost savings.

Advanced data resiliency

Role-Based Access Control – delegate permissions to users to maximize operational efficiency while ensuring greater security.

Air-Gap Backup and Immutable Backup Destination – isolate backups from production to avoid cyber threats.

Encryption – protect your data from unauthorized access.

Open RESTful API and CLI – Storware Backup and Recovery is ready to be part of wider automation or orchestration solutions.


Save your resources and time

Snapshot Management – simplify backup management and increase data availability by enriching your backup strategy with snapshots.

Support for Application (Database) backup

Easy to launch and automate – Set up with wizard

Recover with ease – Overcome data loss with flexible instance, volume and file-level recovery options.


In all circumstances, we ensure data availability
and business continuity at every level
for multi-format data.