Backup and Recovery

Storware Backup and Recovery provides a crash-consistent backup & recovery of Amazon EC2 Instances. It is able to backup both metadata and EBS volumes attached to the instances. With an easy-to-use web interface, you are able to quickly orchestrate data protection for AWS EC2 workloads. It also provides snapshot management for the EBS volumes.

  • Backup of instance metadata and data in EBS volumes
  • Option to exclude specific volumes
  • Full backup and file-level restore – use mountable backups and browse them via the web interface or directly in the Storware node. The second option is to expose the drives via iSCSI.
Select your plan

There are several scenarios
for AWS which may suit your case

Backup EC2 to S3

In this case after dumping backup Storware can push them to the S3 bucket. You may consider using a VPC endpoint to boost your store operation performance.

Backup EC2 to your other cloud provider

If you’re using multiple clouds you also may consider storing data in GCS or Azure backup providers.

Backup EC2 to EBS volume on the proxy

you can use PowerProtect DD to deduplicate data and optimize your storage consumption significantly. Keep in mind that you may want to protect your EBS volume using EBS snapshots as well.

Backup EC2 to your local backup provider

If you already have a central enterprise backup solution you may want to use it as a backup provider for EC2 instances running in AWS. You should consider using Direct connect to have higher bandwidth available.

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Avoid being trapped in the AWS ecosystem

With Storware Backup and Recovery, your backups do not need to be stored in the AWS ecosystem. Store backups anywhere according to your needs.

Storware allows you to choose from multiple data backup destinations. From file systems, other cloud storage providers like Azure or Google Cloud Storage, to instances of an enterprise backup provider like IBM Spectrum Protect. This means you can successfully implement several other scenarios: data protected in a single Availability Zone, transferred to another AZ/region, cloud storage or maybe to your local data center.

Backup destinations can be anywhere, as long as you have a network connection between the cloud and your on-premises backup provider. If something goes wrong with AWS, you still have a local copy of your data.

Costs reduction and management unification

  • Easy and flexible licensing tailored to your needs. No hidden costs.
  • File system backup providers in Storware Backup and Recovery also can use global deduplication. Having a dedicated EBS volume to use as backup storage will greatly reduce your data storage costs.
  • Having a third-party backup solution also gives you complete control over how tasks are performed. Especially since you can not only configure and invoke everything from the responsive HTML based web interface, but also integrate with self-service / orchestration systems via the API.

The world's widest portfolio of supported platforms

Under one license, Storware supports the world’s widest portfolio of platforms and backup destinations. Get started with a free version or unlock the full potential of Storware Backup and Recovery with a 60-day trial! Sail through the ever-changing ocean of business data with confidence – choose Storware and protect your success today!