Innovative data backup solutions for Windows-based desktops and laptops

Well known KODO for Endpoints is now a part of Storware Backup and Recovery solution suite. Choose Storware and control the safety of your business data.

Storware Backup and Recovery

Nowadays it’s easy to replace a damaged or obsolete device. But can we say the same about our data? In most cases, lost or corrupted data that has been stored on the end devices is unrecoverable. With Storware you get assurance of data recoverability in the event of disaster.

  • Deduplication, compression, encryption (in transfer and at rest), and versioning;
  • Scalable solution;
  • Modern and intuitive user interface (HTML5);
  • Easy licensing model.

One platform – one universal license – many uses.
Choose efficiency, transparency, cost savings.

Main features

Multi-tenancy mode for hybrid organizations or MSPs (billing API included)

Multi-tenancy mode for hybridorganizations or MSPs (billingAPI included)

Instant restore to local PC or to original location

Instant restore to local PC or to original location

Cross-Account migration of files

Cross-Account migration of files

Centralized deployment and version management RESTful API

Centralized deployment and version management, RESTful API

Automatic synchronization to protect new users automatically

Automatic synchronization

Fast search allowing to find any file from any device

Fast search allowing to find anyfile from any device


The Most Common Causes of IT Disasters

60% humar error

If data is lost, six out of ten cases are due to human error.

50% unexpected updates and patches

Unexpected updates and patches are statistically responsible for half of the data loss events.

40% server room issue

Problems with the server room? Yes, it is the cause of 40% of data loss.

30% power outages

Power outages can effectively paralyze your work! They are responsible for a third of all data loss events.

20% fire or explosions

Fires and explosions are less common, but still account for 20 percent of data loss incidents. It’s enough that the cooling system in the server room is down, right?

10% earthquakes

Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters are responsible for 1 in 10 data loss incidents.

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60-day free trial. A premium experience with removed limitations

All features included

Backup for unlimited number of hosts and virtual machines

Application (databases) backup module with no limitations

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Storage provider backup module without data transfer limitations

Backup for unlimited number of Microsoft 365 users and endpoint devices

Enterprise Backup Module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

Pre-sales support and (PoC) consulting

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A free plan to discover Storware Backup and Recovery System

All features included

Backup up to 10 Virtual Environments (Virtual Machines and Containers)

Backup up to 10 applications

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Backup for Storage Providers limited to 1 TB data transfer

Backup for 25 Microsoft 365 Users

No support option available

No endpoints backup option

No enterprise backup integration module (IBM, Dell EMC, Veritas, MicroFocus)

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The ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend is gaining momentum nowadays. Many organizations allow employees to use private devices (PCs, laptops) to store and use corporate data.

To improve the productivity of mobile workers, you need to wisely take care of data security on devices that are often used for private purposes outside of your organization’s secured network.

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Leverage your business continuity with Storware

Thanks to its functionalities such as a secure container that separates sensitive corporate and private data, Storware fights against thefts, malware attacks (incl. ransomware), and human errors that can endanger your business continuity.