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Security System Instead of Insurance Policy and Fear

Security System Instead of Insurance Policy and Fear

Cloud computing can undoubtedly offer a reliable and friendly working environment. It gains more and more trust especially among users of Microsoft 365. The question is whether the cloud gives you a proper security? In this article you will find out what are the main threats to your data resources stored in the cloud and the way how to avoid them.

Microsoft offers and constantly improves security systems but does not specialize in backup and data recovery. The company mainly cares about the infrastructure, software and uninterrupted access to the accumulated data. It is beyond question that the owner should take care of this information and secure it to the best of its ability.

The security access to the infrastructure and resources provided by the cloud computing can put down to sleep even IT professionals. They often seem to forget that data security is not only about a reliable storage place and efficient antivirus system. That is why, plenty of important files, database or older electronic correspondence are lost in the online space.

Six areas of danger

There are many threats to the resources stored in the cloud but for many years now, one of the biggest is the man itself. Looking at statistics, the user is estimated to be suffered from two-thirds or even three-fourths of data loss. Most of it results from ignorance, carelessness or malicious actions of an unsatisfied employee.

To understand the need for additional security of stored information, it is crucial to understand the principles of Microsoft 365. Microsoft guarantees data protection in a strictly defined time which depends on the contract and user interface settings. It is usually 30 days, occasionally over 90 days but there are also services where the backup period is limited no more than 2 weeks. After this time, the copy is deleted. In most cases like this after one month your data is not recoverable.

Experts identify six sources of problems here. Besides of the human factor, there are still gaps in the process of data storage and analysis, internal and external security threats, legal requirements, management of hybrid mail and migrations to Microsoft 365. Their common feature is the ultimate problem, which means that the lost data cannot be recovered.

Problem or consistency?

The case might seem strictly IT-related but in fact, it affects all sectors of the economy. Recently, insurance companies have introduced policies in case of damage caused by computer viruses, hacker attacks and dishonest employees. Polish Chamber of Insurance emphasizes that the loss of data or liability for their unauthorized use may involve serious financial loss resulting in paying compensations for the victims. These policies also include liability insurance, which secures the company’s budget in connection to violation of privacy or data storage standards. Are you sure you are protecting yourself against the main problem or just against its consequences? Hippocrates, who was one of the first prophylactics, said that prevention was better than cure.

Reliability and safety

The genesis of potential problems is not the most important, because the ability to recover lost resources is the key. Seeking additional protection against accidental or malicious data loss, the managers of almost all companies worldwide have started using backup and synchronization solutions offered by independent companies. They provide better protection for information collected in Microsoft 365, longer retention periods and more reliable recovery options.

Storware KODO is one of the solutions. The advanced endpoint management platform that unites the functions of backup, file sharing and synchronization, protection and compliance in just one product. It provides durable protection both for IT administrators and business users.

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