Storware Partners with OpenMetal

Storware and OpenMetal Forge Powerful Technology Partnership

Storware has joined forces with OpenMetal, a prominent open-source cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions provider, to unveil an exciting technology partnership aimed at delivering top-notch backup and recovery services for OpenStack.

This groundbreaking partnership solidifies Storware Backup and Recovery for OpenStack with OpenMetal’s OpenStack On-Demand Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud services, ensuring OpenMetal’s clientele gains access to a robust and dependable solution for safeguarding their OpenStack environments.

Storware’s Backup and Recovery stands as a comprehensive data protection solution, boasting an array of features, including:

  • Streamlined backup and recovery operations, with user-friendly management and automation.
  • Instant restore capabilities tailored for OpenStack environments.
  • A centralized management console for efficient oversight.
  • Granular backup and restore options.
  • Seamless integration with various backup destinations, including OpenStack Swift.

OpenMetal’s OpenStack On-Demand Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud services offer fully managed OpenStack cloud solutions, swiftly deployable within minutes. This ease of deployment makes them an ideal choice for customers seeking to embark on their OpenStack journey promptly, minus the complexities of infrastructure management.

We are thrilled to collaborate with OpenMetal, delivering our customers a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that instills confidence in the protection of their OpenStack deployments, remarked Storware CEO, Jan Sobieszczański. OpenMetal’s dedication to open source and their expertise in managing OpenStack clouds positions them as the perfect partner for Storware.

The partnership between Storware and OpenMetal streamlines the deployment, management, and scalability of OpenStack environments. Storware’s backup and recovery solution not only fortifies the data protection of OpenMetal’s customers but also grants them peace of mind.

Safeguarding critical business data is essential in the face of adversity. As aptly stated by Todd Robinson, President and Founder of OpenMetal, Irrespective of one’s level of preparedness and the quality of hosting infrastructure, setbacks are an inevitable facet of operation. Storware’s backup and recovery solution represents the pinnacle of quality, assuring our customers that their data is shielded.

About OpenMetal

OpenMetal is a leading provider of open source private cloud as a service and dedicated servers as a service. The strengths of public cloud, private cloud, and bare metal have been fused into an alternative cloud platform, powered by OpenStack, Ceph, and bare metal automation.

text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware