Storware Backup and Recovery 6.2 Released

Let’s rock! We’re thrilled to announce the release of Storware Backup and Recovery 6.2, packed with advanced features and enhancements designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Storware 6.2 – what’s new?

→ We’re starting with enhanced Virtuozzo integration, introducing a disk-attachment backup strategy, replacing the conventional SSH Transfer method. Additionally, our latest update allows you to specify MAC addresses for decommissioned instances in both OpenStack and Virtuozzo, ensuring flexibility in restoration processes (of course you can use the original one). KVM standalone hypervisors also received a file-system freeze option for more consistent backups.

→ What’s more, we’ve introduced support for OpenMetal. Now you can protect OpenMetal’s workloads across OpenStack On-Demand Cloud and Hosted Private Cloud services.

→ Enjoy enhanced tape management, highlighted by data encryption and support for the object-lock feature in S3 backup destinations. All backup destinations now support an “infinite number of versions retention” setting in the backup policies. Notably, the Data Protector backup destination has undergone significant optimization, promising enhanced performance in this release.

→ In the realm of Microsoft 365, brace yourself for two updates: private channel support for Teams and a centralized backup/restore data flow enabling the utilization of all supported backup destinations for M365 workloads. Experience efficiency with optimized data verification and clean-up mechanisms within both the OS Agent and M365 integration module.

→ Our commitment to user experience shines through in the UI enhancements introduced, offering a refreshed and standardized interface across various views including M365, Storage, RBAC, and beyond.

→ Security remains paramount, with enhancements catering to Horizon plugin users, Kubernetes/OpenShift certificate handling, and data encryption algorithms compliant with FIPS 140-2 standards. As part of our ongoing commitment to security, RHEV v3 and SSH Transfer for QCOW2 files have been retired in this release.

With the release of Storware Backup and Recovery v6.2, we’re proud to introduce game-changing enhancements that underscore our commitment to innovation and security. The addition of OpenMetal support not only expands our reach but also ensures comprehensive protection for today’s diverse workloads. Furthermore, our implementation of data encryption algorithms compliant with FIPS 140-2 standards reinforces our dedication to providing robust security measures, empowering enterprises to safeguard their most critical assets with confidence – says Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO at Storware

Storware 6.2 high level architecture:

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text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware