Storware Backup and Recovery 5.1 Released

Storware Backup & Recovery 5.1 expands its capabilities even more! Let’s start with new integrations. After MicroFocus and ScaleComputing, Rubrik, Wasabi and BackBlaze joined the group of supported solutions.

With Stoware supporting a wide range of sources (virtualization platforms or storage providers) one can easily expand Rubrik capabilities by integrating both solutions. Storware supports file-based backup destinations with a mechanism to run custom pre/post storage access integration scripts. Rubrik on the other hand is able to expose Managed Volumes which can easily be used as snapshot-driven file system backup destinations. Storware initiates backups for all supported virtualization platforms or storage providers.

IsoLayer – Air Gap Data Protection. To help the company to protect its data even better, Storware enables the use of the air gap backup concept. The backup stored on the storage infrastructure is unavailable from an external connection or the Internet. IsoLayer plays an essential role in the 3-2-1 backup strategy. This strategy requires three copies of the data, on two different media types, with one off-site copy.

The new functionality also appears for Microsoft 365 administrators, who will now be able to export emails to PST, as well as protect Microsoft 365 groups.

All VM/Application/Storage sources now also support retention adjustment so that you can keep selected backups longer (than policy retention settings) or mark them as expired to remove unwanted backups earlier.

For oVirt, Red Hat Virtualization and Oracle Linux VM environments, Storware now supports instant restore capability. Moreover, you can optionally initiate live storage migration once the VM is restored. Individual disk restore (back to the environment’s storage) has also been implemented for oVirt-based environments and OpenStack.

And while we’re talking about OpenStack – the 5.1 version introduces several improvements, such as an option to select flavor or key-pair during the restore, manage the visibility of AZ in the OpenStack Horizon plugin, and for more complex environments – the opportunity to set credentials for multiple authentication domains in a single Hypervisor Manager.

Hyper-V is another area with multiple enhancements – with cluster awareness, you can define a single Hypervisor Manager that can use either cluster IP or SCVMM to cover all hypervisors and VMs and detect if a VM changed its host between inventory synchronizations. This release also added support for Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) and the agent’s restore location browser in the restore modal.

Among the other improvements, it is worth mentioning Swift multithreading transfer, network mapping in Recovery Plans, push notifications based on defined rules, an improved reporting tab, and more!

Storware 5.1 high level architecture:

For detailed changes, fixes and improvements, see Press Release.

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text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware