Storware Backup and Recovery 5.0 Released

Enterprise-ready data protection for modern workloads

This release is like a fusion reactor – pure and unlimited power of data protection! Well, that’s not the only reason its codename is “Fusion.”

Storware Backup & Recovery 5.0 (formerly vProtect) unifies the Storware product portfolio and covers all backup sources with a single pane of glass. This means that you can also backup your Microsoft 365 and endpoints with one solution.

Virtual Environments now have one more source available – Scale Computing HC3 Hypervisor Manager with Storware supporting two backup strategies! One with incremental backups (CBT) and one using standard VM export using SMB Share (full backups only).

What’s more, backups can also be stored in a new enterprise-grade MicroFocus DataProtector backup provider.  Swift backup provider has received encryption support. This update also allows administrators to specify the secondary backup destination in the policies to keep backup data in more than one location!

Here you can find another significant change – retention settings have now been moved from backup destination to the policy, so now you don’t have to define multiple backup destinations to have different retention for different entities.

Hyper-V is the first platform for which we introduced instant restore (using Mounted Backups feature) to allow users to quickly instantiate VM from backup without importing data back to the hypervisor. What is more – if Dell EMC Data Domain is used as the backup provider – there is a new option available that allows uploading backup data to the DD directly from the Hyper-V agent.

If you’re using XFS-based backup destination – 5.0 release also introduces Immutable Backup feature (like the retention lock in DD), which also allows protecting your backup data from being encrypted by some ransomware.

This release also introduces multiple smaller improvements such as support for projects in Nutanix Prism, snapshot history view, option to automatically unmount mounted backups, manage SSH/WinRM credentials used in UI from the dedicated module, and many, many more!

Storware 5.0 high level architecture:

For detailed changes, fixes and improvements, see Press Release.

With Storware Backup and Recovery our focus is on introducing useful features that truly improve data protection processes, automate backup and restore tasks, and ensure the highest standards of reliability. Get your copy and test it yourself!  Unlock the full potential of Storware with a 60-day TRIAL version!

Remember that you get support for all available backup sources under one license! Storware aims to provide companies with unparalleled flexibility in designing and implementing data backup strategies. No matter if you manage virtual environments based on open, commercial, or mixed solutions, mobile workforce or Microsoft 365 data Storware supports all under one license.

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text written by:

Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware