Storware at United Nations Digital Summit – IGF 2021

This year, Poland is the host of the United Nations Digital Summit – IGF 2021! The conference will be held in Katowice, between December 6-10, under the slogan Internet United – connecting all its users into one community responsible for its shape and functioning. On December 10-12, the so-called IGF After Party will take place, and it will be a weekend full of exciting activities for young programmers from all over the world!

As Storware, we take an active part in this conference. First of all, we got involved in promotional activities for the Ocean of Changes competition organized by the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences as part of the IGF (the results you can see here:

But it is not everything! Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO at Storware, will be a speaker at the discussion panel: Ocean of changes – How to use online resources to promote sustainable development efficiently? The panelists will include representatives of educators, scientists, businesses, and IT. As Storware, we want to be a responsible voice of the IT business in this discussion; we want to promote conscious and ecological solutions in the industry and spread reliable knowledge on this subject. During the debate, the panelists will also refer to the works in the Ocean of changes competition. If you want to participate in this event (online or stationary), you need to register:

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Angelika Jeżewska, CMO at Storware