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KODO for Cloud provides smart backup solutions and recovery services for Microsoft Office 365: Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint (coming soon).

KODO protects your critical data from loss due to ransomware, malware, expired licenses, cloud infrastructure outage or just simple user errors. It is a SaaS-ready solution. KODO is intuitive and easy to configure with a user friendly interface.

Key features:

  • Instant restore to local PC or to Office 365 cloud
  • Cross-Account migration of files / emails
  • RESTful API – can be used to integrate KODO with other solutions used by organization
  • Automated synchronization to protect new users automatically
  • Fast search allowing to find any file from Office 365
  • Control over retention from one day to forever
  • Secure data storage
  • Flexible backup schedulers

KODO solution for Office 365 ensures not only continued protection of key corporate data, but also compression, deduplication and file versioning. Thanks to its scalable architecture and RESTful API, you get a complete and modern tool that ensures business continuity.

KODO will protect your critical data from loss due to ransomware, malware, or other threats or just simple user mistakes. With KODO you get the whole package of necessary tools to reach the highest performance and safety requirements of your business data workflow.