• Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0


    We are thrilled to announce the release of Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0. Packed with significant features, this latest version sets a new standard for comprehensive and efficient data protection software.  Storware 6.0 – what’s new? → One of the key highlights of Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0 is the introduction of OS agent […]

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Get your first Storware Certification | March 16-17, 2022

Join the next certification training! Become a certified Storware engineer, and get extra profits for…

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Storware’s Support for Ukraine

The current world situation is difficult for us and arouses our internal opposition. We want…

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Zapisz się na szkolenie certyfikacyjne inżyniera Storware
Zdobądź Certyfikat Storware | Szkolenie 10 - 11 maja, 2022

Dołącz do nadchodzącego - JEDYNEGO W 2022 W JĘZYKU POLSKIM - szkolenia certyfikacyjnego! Zostań certyfikowanym…

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