Storware Backup and Recovery 6.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0. Packed with significant features, this latest version sets a new standard for comprehensive and efficient data protection software.

Storware 6.0 – what’s new?

→ One of the key highlights of Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0 is the introduction of OS agent support for Linux and Windows. While Storware has primarily embraced an agentless approach, the inclusion of OS agents allows users to protect their systems at the file level, offering enhanced flexibility and control over data backup operations. With a dedicated tab in the menu, users can specify the folders they want to safeguard, and full and incremental backups are fully supported.

→ Another significant addition in this release is the technical preview of tape support. Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0 introduces the Tape Manager component, designed to streamline and simplify tape-related operations. Users can define tape pool backup destinations to protect virtual machines (VMs), applications, and storage instances by registering the Tape Manager in the system.

OpenShift users also receive a massive enhancement – OpenShift Virtualization support! Now you can protect virtual machines in your OpenShift environment like in any other platform – and even more – incremental backups are also supported!

Moreover – for regular container deployments – we now also support Stateful Sets.

→ To address evolving user needs, Storware has also included support for OpenNebula in version 6.0. The disk-attachment backup strategy tailored explicitly for OpenNebula platform users also incorporates incremental backups, further enhancing data protection capabilities.

Microsoft 365 users will also feel the difference – now the backup destination handling is centralized, so all backup providers previously supported only for VMs, Storage, and Applications, can also be used for M365 data! Internally – it is also worth mentioning that we have updated the integration to use a brand new Graph API 5, and now contact photos are also backed up.

→ Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0 not only encompasses these major features but also includes numerous additional enhancements. It covers additional RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) objects, introduces a new wizard for DD Boost backup destination creation, supports Keycloak integration, and offers automatic clean-up of virtual machines after an instant restore mount is no longer necessary.

We are delighted to unveil Storware Backup & Recovery 6.0, a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to delivering industry-leading data protection solutions, said Jan Sobieszczanski, CEO of Storware. This latest version reinforces our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity, offering an impressive suite of features to meet the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors.


Storware 6.0 high level architecture:

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