Story of USP Zdrowie

USP Zdrowie is pharmaceutical company, OTC (over-the-counter drugs) market leader in Poland. The company has its own laboratories and R & D departments and employs nearly 700 people working in offices in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the USA. The production facility located in Wrocław (known as US Pharmacia) supplies on average over 140 million units per year. USP Zdrowie is the manufacturer and owner of well known brands ie Ibuprom, Apap, Gripex, Vigor UP!, Verdin, Xenna, Stoperan and many others.

The company employs a large group of mobile workers engaged in sales and market research. The customer did not have a fleet monitoring system for mobile devices that would allow remotely manage, remotely install and update applications, build white and black lists of applications, and protect against malware.

The problem was also the lack of data protection on the company’s mobile devices.The lack of security of data shared with mobile users was equally challenging. Data protection on workstations was done by recommending data storage on network drives. However, there was no system to control whether the data was archived according to company policy, which was often used by employees.

A market analysis of nearly 3 years ended with the choice and implementation of KODO and Famoc by FancyFon integrated platforms on 880 mobile devices and 820 workstations.

Storware KODO provided data protection on all devices and integration with IBM’s Spectrum Protect central backup system, which enabled us to build enterprise data protection policies at various levels of infrastructure. The platform introduced monitoring of the correct writing of data on workstations. Interestingly, KODO is used here to monitor if the data is stored according to company policies – writing the data against the company policy causes ServiceDesk to respond.

Famoc by Fancyfon forced password protection and protected mobile devices against malware. We have implemented the white and black lists of applications and control of what employees install on their endpoints. Full visibility of the fleet of mobile devices and the ability to create personalized reports was an additional valuable benefit for the customer.

Famoc platform provides advanced mobile device management. The integration of KODO and Famoc not only saved time for ServiceDesk teams, but also saved costs while promoting enterprise applications, and extended the security of devices, applications, and primarily USP Zdrowie data.

“The implementation of KODO and Famoc integrated systems has resolved the company’s core problems related to fleet management, and has significantly relieved the IT team, so we were able to address them to other tasks.”

– Mirosław Piechota, Director of the IT Department

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