Story of TOYA

Anytime we implementing solution for IT area there is the need to ask important questions. They should answer on the purpose of using solution and they need to proove we solved the pain or challenge organization has.

1. What is the specific nature of your industry? What do you do to be well prepared? What requirements do you have to meet? Are there any other restrictions?
2. What was the crucial point that contributed to the change in your system?
3. What are the main goals that contributed to buy a new solution?
4. Why did you have to buy solutions from other manufacturer?
5. What are the results after the implementation?
6. Will there be any development of the implemented solution?
7. What was the biggest success of this project?

Years ago we have met Mr Robert Borys, IT Director in TOYA S.A. This is one of the main producer and distributor of hand tools and power tools operating in an international market. Precise corporate strategy, which is an assurance of profitability and company development in an economically responsible way, allows to continuously introduce innovative products, gaining new markets and continuous development of segmentation strategy. This strong developing capital group focus on products which are synonymous with highest quality professional tools and They expect the same from application and IT solutions market can offer.

After We developed and released Storware’s solutions for Toya we asked Robert – “Does Storware fits Your policy and Your requirements ?” He answered – “Yes!” …and thats what he said after…..:

„Nowadays the use of laptops is really common but more and more often they are replaced with portable devices such as: smartphones and tablets. Their biggest advantage is the size, weight, touchscreen, (which replaces standard keyboard and the mouse), easy access to the internet, which makes it easier to work wherever you wish.

Due to the use of mobile devices in TOYA, sales representatives can communicate directly with SAP transaction system and prepare their bids for customers. Product managers can analyze data which comes directly from SAP through data warehousing applications. Smartphones allow easy access to email and customers contacts. Additionally all the files, offers, presentations and documents, including confidential ones can be stored. The security of such data is crucial, especially in case of damage or lost so backup copy allows to retrieve data in a very efficient and effective way. A very good option providing backup and synchronizing is periodically backed up copy on a local server, which is a part of the business assets. Constant monitoring provides gathering detailed information about the mobile infrastructure, carry out the analysis obtained from devices, generate reports and alert about any possible errors.

Business advantages of this system for me and my organization are the ability to share and synchronize selected resources between users, regular updating of software, data encryption, remote wipe and block in case of any danger of security. Whats interesting data security systems in the Public Cloud grow rapidly especially when it comes to mobile devices. Very few people invest in new solutions based on the Private Cloud and Central Backup System. STORWARE products have already introduced its functionality to Tivoli Storage Manager – one of the leading backup systems in the world.

For us the development of Storware platform with new users and features is just a matter of time..”

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