Story of LOTOS

The mission of the LOTOS Group, the biggest polish but operating internationally company, is to pursue innovation and sustainable growth in the areas of hydrocarbon exploration, production, processing and in the trading of products that meet the most stringent quality standards in a manner which guarantees continuous growth in shareholder value. LOTOS puts the emphasis on full customer satisfaction, ongoing development of employees and capitalization on their capabilities. As a company, LOTOS is responsible towards society, environmentally friendly and compliant with the energy security policy.

It’s definitely worth to work for customers like that, especially if you are able to deliver customized solution for the pains the organization meets.

Storware GoSync delivers the value of intuitiveness and Tivoli Storage Manager based backup system for the end points.
From the very beginning we faced the issue of backup large Exchange .pst files. Problem was caused by differential pc platforms, long distance to cover that all helpdesk challenges and LAN difficulties among all gas stations in the country. Storware was to solve data safety and restore as the primary function and delivered users easy to use GUI. It had the strong impact on IT helpdesk costs and service delivery time.

Second thing, of no lesser importance was the size of the Exchange data stored in temporary folders during backup. It was especially painful for the older personal computers. Fortunately GoSync can be customized to send the backup in memory, directly to Spectrum Protect without temporary folders.

Last thing we solved were proper or rather Lotos’ customized excludes and includes. Storware GoSync flexibility was the answer for that. Over 200 Lotos’ gas stations have got the solution for data safety, data restore and the answer for previous days’ problems.

“In simple words – Spectrum Protect combined with Storware GoSync creates the value we just need…” – Maciej Kepczyński, IT Officer, Lotos Paliwa

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