Mobile Device Management

Short description

KODO EMM is designed to deliver everything IT needs to control every aspect of enterprise mobility. Available as a highly-scalable cloud or on-site solution, Storware delivers real-time centralized control of all smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad, Google Android and Windows Phone.

KODO EMM is the best-in-class enterprise mobile management solution that makes your job safer and more productive by delivering comprehensive security and management for applications, documents, email, and mobile devices.

KODO EMM key functions

  • The ability to create uniform policies independent of OS
  • Management of certificates, configuration EAS Proxy and advanced configurations
  • Additional features available from selected manufacturers
  • Remote control
  • Advanced security policies
  • Quiet operations
  • Security at the level of the Hardware
  • Monitoring of costs and data consumption
  • Secure web browser
  • Verification of Application Reputation
  • Alerts and response in the case of detection of threats
  • Integration with Samsung KNOX

KODO EMM involves in 3 layers


Policy compliance
Function blocking
Remote locking/cleaning
Monitoring and reports


VPN Configuration
Data containers
Connection restrictions
GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth


Company App Store
Blacklist & Whitelist
Application review
Secure Web browser
Selective memory cleaning

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