Product Docs / White Papers

Product docs/ White papers


Storware KODO 3.6 – First Steps

Storware KODO 3.6 – Podręcznik administratora organizacji

Storware KODO 3.6 – Virtual Appliance Deployment

Storware KODO 3.6 – Organization Administrator’s Manual

Storware KODO 3.6 – Desktop User Manual

Storware KODO 3.6 – Podręcznik użytkownika mobile

Storware KODO 3.6 – Mobile User Manual

Storware KODO 3.6 – Podręcznik użytkownika desktop

Storware KODO for Office365 – Organization Configuration

Storware KODO – Server Installation

Storware KODO – Customization Guide


Storware vProtect 2.6 – Manual

Storware vProtect 3.1 – Manual

White papers

KODO for Samsung Knox – Enterprise Data Protection & Secure Collaboration Platform

KODO for Microsoft Office 365 – How to Protect Efficiently Your Office 365 Data?

vProtect for RHEV/ RHV
– implementation guide

vProtect – How to backup Red Hat Virtualization to EMC Data Domain Boost File System plug-in

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