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Partnership requirements

To become Storware partner You have to go through the certification.
There are 3 levels of partnership with Storware.

Different levels benefits:

Platinum – You are in the group of partners who achieved high level of knowledge. Congratulations! Now we are sure that all implementation services are in good hands. It is also your profit.
You can deliver L1 services and you are recommended to support new leads in your region. Storware team will deliver you hot opportunities and take part in your marketing activities.

Gold – We appreciate you joined the Gold Team. Congratulations! You have trained people and few sales of Storware products was closed. Before you will reach Platinium we want to cooperate on new leads in your area. We also want to provide you with new potential customers to work on.

Silver – Great! You are our Business Partner. We really appreciate it and will support you in all sales activities, including the education for your sale representatives and engineers. More sales and education means higher level of partnership.

Regardless the partnership level You will always receive the same special attention and the highest quality support. We appreciate and care about your business.

Minimum requirements


2 technicians and 1 salesmen, minimum 3 implementations


1 technician and 2 salesmen, minimum 1 implementation


Basic level – agreement signed, 1 technician and 1 salesman (commited)

vProtect distributor Poland

KODO distributor Poland

FlyCoat distributor Poland

KODO distributor CEE

Distributor Scandinavia

Distributor South Africa

Distributor vProtect MEA

Distributor KODO Gulf Region

Platinum partners 2017

Gold partners 2017

Silver partners 2017

Contact us if you want to become Storware solution reseller

Poland and International
phone: +48 725 602 679

Czech Republic
phone: +420 728 884 477

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