vProtect 3.7.1 Multiverse – changes and updates


vProtect 3.7 Multiverse – Update 1


Modernized Data Protection for Open Virtual Machines

Last time we informed you about the changes in the latest vProtect 3.7 update, which focused on expanding the range of services related to Nutanix backup and recovery. Below you will find a list of the most important features that have appeared with the Update 1.



vProtect 3.7 Update 1 extends Multiverse release with additional snapshot management capabilities, such as an option to revert snapshots directly from UI and adds support for Nutanix VMs. Moreover, application backup now allows you to define environment variables for each application. This gives more flexibility when reusing same scripts for multiple instances of the same application.

This update also introduces Chinese language support in UI, as well provides further CLI and backup destination improvements. These include the ability to restore backup chains residing on multiple backup destinations and gives an additional option for file systems where random access may cause issues when reading data randomly when using mounted backups.



  • New: Snapshot management – Nutanix AHV
  • New: Revert snapshots from vProtect console – RHV/oVirt, Citrix XenServer, Nutanix AHV
  • New: Application backup – environment variables support
  • New: UI – Chinese language supported
  • New: updated RedHat CloudForms integration to match 3.7 APIs
  • New: option to disable random access for FS backup destinations (which may be essential for file systems such as LTFS)
  • New: CLI – backup time details
  • New: option to restore backup chains residing on multiple backup destinations
  • Fix: arguments in pre/post snapshot command, pre/post BD access command were forced to be unique

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