vProtect 3.5 (“Parsec”) – new release


vProtect 3.5 introduces support for incremental backups of RHV/oVirt environments. With the new Disk Image Transfer mode, administrators will be able to protect their environments without the need to use export storage domain or Proxy VM.

New vProtect also does additional storage space checking (with configurable thresholds),to protect virtualization platform storage to be filled up.

With pre/post snapshot mechanism administrators will be able to quiesce services before snapshot backup with their own custom scripts to make backups application-level consistent.

Similarly, it is also possible now to customize mounting volumes before it is accessed dynamically with backup destination pre/post access command execution. A good example of its usage is Catalogic vStor Server support, including backups being replicated to the remote location.

Version 3.5 also introduces support for Microsoft Azure as another cloud-based option for storing backups.


  • New: RHV/oVirt 4.2+ – Disk Image Transfer backup mode (incremental backup support)
  • New: RHV/oVirt/Citrix/Nutanix – pre/post snapshot remote command execution
  • New: RHV/oVirt/Citrix/Nutanix – available storage check before snapshot creation
  • New: pre/post backup destination access custom command execution
  • New: Microsoft Azure backup destination
  • New: Catalogic vStor Server support (with replication)
  • New: logging improvements for backup destinations
  • Fix: UI node reassignment failed for HV/HVM after original has been removed


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