Friday Dose: EPISODE VI – Data Alchemy


Steve Kenniston, the Storage Alchemist, IBM Global Spectrum Software Business Development Executive, teaches how to use transmutation of non-noble data into gold – something precious, real and valuable.

Eric Herzog, Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Worldwide Storage Channels – IBM Storage Division, explains what is hidden behind modernized data protection and how it should be understood.


In this episode you will find:

🔹 What does the modernized data protection mean and what elements it contains?

🔹 How to faster your RPO and RTO?

🔹 How modern tools help you reduce the overall costs of your business?

🔹 What will happen when you give access to data to employees from other departments of your company and how to do it?

The Show is hosted by Paweł Mączka – CTO, VP at Storware

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