Backup and recovery solutions for Nutanix


Backup for Nutanix AHV was introduced for the first time by vProtect 3.3 

vProtect 3.7.1

With the upcoming release of vProtect 3.7.1 it is time to expand the range of services related to Nutanix backup and recovery. The uncompromising approach to this issue allowed us to implement innovative and intuitive functionalities in this field. Our goal was to maintain the simplicity of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) in a world where the complexity of IT infrastructure is often difficult to scale. We have more and more virtual machines, cloud environments, applications, and, obviously, data. That’s why we focused on a simple, but powerful and easy-to-integrate solution.

The architecture of vProtect 3.3 and features related Nutanix backup covered the following areas:

  • freedom of choice regarding a backup destination,
  • easy to configure incremental backup support,
  • backup consistency.

With vProtect 3.7.1 we will get:

Snapshot Management for Nutanix. You can revert VM to the state that was minutes ago instead of using your backup created days or weeks ago. Of course, snapshot mechanism is able to do that, and with vProtect you can set up policies how many and how often these should be created and for how long should they be kept in your environment. In case of a common mistake resulting in a data loss, you can revert VM back to the working state with just a few clicks in vProtect UI.

Application backup. This provides you with a generic mechanism to use native application mechanisms (commands, scripts, etc.) that will result in application-consistent backups. This means that now you can protect your databases or any other applications with their own backup mechanisms, and store them in any backup provider.

Said Marcin Kubacki, CSA at Storware.

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