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Kodo Cloud is a new cloud approach based on Central Backup System open to all users – distributors, managed service providers, business partners, end users. It’s the first so complex SaaS/BaaS solution offered on the market. It preserves all features Storware KODO is known from: backup/restore, migration, sharing/collaboration and the variety of data loss prevention tools and make them available to all users via cloud service. The new functionality allow to create multitenant structure (ability to create hundreds of different organizations/tenants) on one physical/virtual KODO server. Just few simple steps separate your business from the world of data safety and protection.

Business users

Productivity multiplied

It’s all about the productivity (or money, if you prefer). Isn’t it?

  • Create the advanced security policies for the whole organization in few simple steps.
  • Manage servers, desktops, laptops tablets and smartphones from one console.
  • Manage various software platforms: from Windows and OS X to Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Automate the device management (migrate, track, upgrade, apply security and backup policies).
  • Spend the same amount of time and apply above to the whole fleet of devices.
  • Simple deployment method and intuitive UI will surprise you.
  • Infrastructure and maintenance are provider’s responsibility.
  • Low monthly fare.
  • Let your IT Department save their time for more important tasks.
Secure and available

Ease of use, data accessibility and shortening the time-to-market they acquire.

  • Easy and highly secured access to all needed business data.
  • Collaborate and share data with your team – wherever you are.
  • No matter if it’s your private or business device – security policies are applied (BYOD , CYOD).
  • Geolocation will improve the workforce activity map.
  • In case of device loss or damage – restore your data by yourself, it’s too easy to bother IT.
  • Simple deployment method and intuitive UI will surprise you.
  • Highest data security levels based on international certificates.
Get ready for GDPR

GDPR enters into application 25 May 2018.

  • Create one data protection policy for all users.
  • Include all levels of the organization.
  • Provide secure access for mobile workforce (incl. BYOD).
  • Meet the legal requirements (as GDPR) on personal data protection.
  • Be well prepared for ransomware attack, data breach, device loss.
  • Minimize the probability of data loss or leakage.
  • All tools are in your hands – react on incidents immediately.

Service providers

New distribution model via MSP
  • Include BaaS and DRaaS offering to your portfolio.
  • Implement a fully repeatable solution.
  • Offer your customers SMB to Enterprise scalability.
Storware KODO - SaaS/BaaS Ready Model
  • Create hundreds of different organizations/tenants on one physical/virtual KODO server
  • IBM Spectrum Protect can perform different KODO organizations/tenants
  • REST API for 3rd party platforms
  • Billing measurement per organization
  • Samsung KNOX Workspace integration

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