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How long the backup takes?

It depends on many factors, mostly geographical location and bandwidth would be most crucial parts. Storware insist on proceeding first backup locally (LAN or Wi-Fi), where the data transfer will be fast and reliable. Backup process for laptop with average size of 30GB and 10.000 files should be finished in even 2 hours. Mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, using a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, can backup all data (10-20GB in upload transfer) within 24-hours.

What is the Continuous Data Protection (CDP)?

In short words? Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is JUST IN TIME backup. That means- any change You will save will be copied by the system and marked as a new version of the file. It helps to recover any version You want, from any point in time. CDP works on file system, cares about files stored on protected devices.

What is data compression?

Document is encoded to use fewer bits by algorithm that guarantee encoding and reversely extraction encoded bits to same document. Algorithm utilizes dictionary based schemes and statistical methods.
In simple words: Deduplication means storing data in a format that requires less space than usual.

How may I download Storware products?

It’s simple. When You are Storware customer, go to our website, login and choose which product You would like to download. If You are not existing customer and would like to test our products, choose 30-day trial version by filling out the trial form, we validate Your profile and contact via e-mail, providing the access to our products.

What is data deduplication?

Data deduplication is a specific methodology of reducing storage needs by eliminating redundant data. Client-side data deduplication is a data deduplication technique always used on the Storware GoSync client to remove redundant data during backup processing, before the data is transferred to the server. Using client-side data deduplication You can reduce the amount of data sent over a LAN or WAN.


What data should I protect and backup?

We are confident, that most of Your data stored on workstation, laptop or smartphone are those critical for Your business. This refers to daily files, documents, e-mails, calendars, pictures, etc. You should back up files that are frequently changed, especially if they are important to You. Ask Yourself which data You would like to protect in case of laptop or smartphone damage/ loss? Of course some Organizations use strict standards which folders or files should be under protection. Storware provides tools to build such a precise data protection policy for the whole organization.

May I disable client side deduplication?

Yes, it’s possible, but we recommend to keep it ON.

How should I include or exclude files or folders from the backup?

There is no point to backup all the local drives. Best way is to decide, what we would like to protect. Easiest way is to open Kodo for Desktop configuration, choose the file to protect and bookmark – then the flie or folder will be add or disable for CDP backup.

How can I specify backup retention and number of versions?

Today, all of the backup policy (how long, how many versions) is on server side configuration. TSM Server Policy (domain and management classes attached to node representing Storware Kodo for Desktop client) decides, how many versions or how long the data will stay on TSM (retention).

What gives Timeline feature?

Timeline feature provides possibility to search and filter protected data from a specific day and hour. It considerably would help to speed up the time to find and restore a proper version.

How to restore files and folders?

There are 2 ways to do that. First is to right click on file You would like to restore, choose proper version and then use the context menu to pick Kodo for Desktop → restore → file version. Second is to right click on included folder and pick Kodo for Desktop → restore. Then the Kodo for Desktop explorer window is open, and here we should decide, which file or folder we would like to restore.

When my files are actually under backup process?

All the time. Storware Kodo for Desktop continuously monitor any changes. If the change occur, file s automatically backup to server.

What If I disconnect my laptop from my company network or VPN?

From the protection perspective, all the monitor changes will be save on local drive (local cache). If connection to backup server is available again, then all changes, made from the last connection, will be pushed and synchronized.

Does Kodo for Desktop keep multiple versions of files?

Of course. We track all changes on laptop/workstation. In case of data loss or overwritten files, Kodo for Desktop allows to restore specific version of the damaged file or folder.

How Kodo for Desktop integrate with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager?

Storware Kodo for Desktop uses Client/TSM Server architecture. Workstations or laptops communicate directly with TSM Server using internal network environment or outside with secure VPN connection. Kodo for Desktop continuously watches the changes on client file system (CDP protection), pushing all changed and new data directly to TSM Server using TSM API.

How difficult is setup and initiation of the first backup?

It’s quiet easy. You must to move between 3 bookmarks. First is a connection to the server – remember to setup first client on server location. Second -choose what You would like to protect (folders, type of files). Third – summary and check the configuration that You’ve made.

Does Kodo for Desktop really backup MS Outlook or Lotus Domino?

Yes. We do provide protection for any kind of e-mail providers, focused on 2 main players – Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Domino. Keep in mind that once a day Kodo for Desktop does the snapshot of local disks (provides support for open files), backups e-mail databases and deduplicates them to save a network bandwidth.

What kind of data are to protect and backup?

It depends on which operating system Kodo for Mobile works. Android – all the possible data (Contacts, Gallery, Calendar, Files, external SD cards). IOS – Contacts, Gallery, Calendar. Windows Phone – Contacts, Gallery.

Does the first backup need some specific preparation?

Yes. We should guarantee proper and stable network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G) and time to process first backup. It can last from minutes to several hours, depends how many data we have to transfer. Best way is to do that during the night, when any other calls or apps do not disturb in backup process.

What happen, if I move from one network to another during backup?

It depends on what conditions the movement will be taken. The change between networks should be transparent for the backup process, otherwise object that was sending during the movement should be processed again from the very beginning.

What mobile platforms are supported?

Today we support Apple IOS (version 7.0 +), Microsoft Windows Phone (version 8.0 +) and Google Android OS (version 4.0 +).

And what shall I do if the password is forgotten?

When the user forgets the password, should contact the local system administrator to force reset the password. After that, user needs to provide new password on the phone.

How should I restore data?

Anytime, anywhere. Just open Kodo for Mobile client, choose from main menu restore all or restore selected option, and mark which data you would like to restore.

Does Kodo for Mobile keep multiple version of files?

Of course. We track all changes on smartphones and tablets. In case of data loss or overwritten files, Kodo for Mobile allows to restore specific version of the damaged file or folder.

Does the Pro-Active sharing cost extra?

No. This functionality is included in Storware Mobile license.

How can I access my data?

Your data which resides on workstation or laptop can be easily reachable using Your mobile or tablet. Open Storware Mobile app, choose from down menu Share Menu, choose your Device and Specific Folder, File to reach and view.

What happen, if I disconnect from the Internet or have a connection problem during a backup?

If the situation will take place, backup process will try to reconnect. After 3 attempts, if the connection to server still won’t be available, process ends. Next time when the backup will happen (automatically or on demand) it starts from the beginning to check the consistency of files and process from the disrupting point (object).

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