Endpoint Protection

Mobile workforce enabled

BYOD trend

We are the witnesses of the huge increase in number of employees using endpoint devices. For several years, companies significantly increased the number of mobile workers supplying them with laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The more and more popular phenomenon is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD is simply a trend allowing the employees to use their own devices at work.

Productivity and satisfaction

The proper response to BYOD is definitely influencing the increase of the mobile workforce productivity, enhancing employees to be online for most of the day, being able to check the business e-mails more often, also after business hours. Allowing your people to use their own device with their own apps also increases the work satisfaction. The trend is positive, however…

Security is an issue

BYOD brings challenges to organizations in terms of data leakage and data protection. This trend requires extreme caution in terms of data safety as the users keep the private and corporate data on the same device.

Whereas organizations are aware of protecting servers and data centers they still seem to ignore the importance of endpoint environment protection. Endpoints are able to carry lots of key corporate data, such as contacts, confidential documents, e-mails and more. Smartphones and tablets can easily use microSD cards, which provide up to 256 GB storage and this number will probably be outdated as we publish this text. Therefore, the mobile users require special attention in data security area as the unsecured mobile devices may be the weakest point of the system.

We bring the solution

How do we cope with the endpoints protection? We, at Storware understand the BYOD trend. Storware KODO provides secure data containers, which simply separate the sensitive corporate data from the private content on personal device of an employee. In fact, data containers act as the storage area that is authenticated, encrypted and managed by organization’s data protection policy provided by Storware KODO.

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