KODO – from philosophy to reality …


The rise of the product that is more than typical endpoint backup solution.

I’ve just realized when it started. In May, 4 years ago during a lunch time me and Jan Sobieszczanski started a discussion around mobility, gaps and threats, taking the conversation into data protection field. That day the seed started to grow in our heads, first as a Storware Mobile and GoSync, rebranded 1,5 year ago into KODO.

4 exciting year, tough years,with lot of sacrifices, visions, brainstorm sessions, but most important part – we have built the company and 3 products from the scratch.

I’m personally happy to be here, and I’m even more curious what next months and years will bring to us 🙂

Storware KODO is a next generation of enterprise data protection software for Windows/OS X and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).

The robust protection, it provides, is fundamental both to IT admins and business users. It fights against thefts, malware attacks (incl. ransomware) or human errors.

KODO doesn’t only backup, it protects our data on the edge. Gives us more than typical endpoint backup vendor.

  1. Enterprise engine (+1000 users)
  2. Continuous data protection
  3. File versioning
  4. Secure access on any device
  5. Best in class management for IT
  6. cross-platform migration
  7. Space saver – deduplication and compression
  8. E-mail protection (Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.)
  9. Roam Aware function for mobiles
  10. Integration with Active Directory, Samsung Knox, Fancyfon Famoc, IBM Spectrum Protect
  11. RESTful API to easily integrate with other applications
  12. Multi-tenancy, ready for MSP’s to sell as a BaaS, SaaS
  13. Roam Aware function for mobiles

If you want to see and hear more about the KODO platform, contact us – sales@storware.eu or go to website https://storware.eu/en/storware-kodo/

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