Case study
USP Zdrowie is a leader in the market for over-the-counter (OTC) products and medicines in Poland.

USP Zdrowie


USP Zdrowie is a pharmaceutical company operating in the field of OTC products and medicines – a company that remains the trendsetter on Polish OTC market. The company employs nearly 700 people in the offices, laboratories and R&D centers placed in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the United States. Company is represented by such leading brands as Ibuprom, Apap, Artresan, Gripex, Vigor UP!, Verdin, Acatar and many more.


The company employs a big group of mobile workers responsible for sales and market research. Customer did not have a system that would supervise the mobile devices, manage them remotely, distribute applications, create the blacklists/whitelists, nor protect the infrastructure from malware. The lack of endpoint data protection was a problem, too. The only data protection procedure applied to workstations was the obligation to save data on the networking hard drives. However, there was no tool to check if the data is being saved according to company policy. Employees often stored their data on the local drives.

Our input

Almost 3 years of marketing research ended up with the implementation of integrated platforms of Storware KODO and KODO EMM on 880 mobile devices and 820 workstations.

Storware KODO provided the data protection on all devices and integration with a central backup system of IBM Spectrum Protect. It allowed building the enterprise data protection policies on all levels of the infrastructure. What is interesting, a customer used KODO in an unusual way – to monitor where the data is stored. According to company policy, the proper data storage should be performed on network drives. KODO detects the backups performed on the local drive, which creates the immediate reaction of the Service Desk team. KODO EMM provided push notification on password and protection from the malware, enabled whitelist/ blacklist and control over the content that is being installed by the employees. The full visibility and manageability of the mobile fleet are provided. Personalized reports are now available.

KODO EMM is a Fancyfon’s brand of FAMOC that is labelled by Storware. It enables advanced mobile device management. Integration of KODO and KODO EMM (FAMOC) means not only the Service Desk team’s time savings but also cost savings of distribution of customer’sown applications. Most of all it means a broadly defined data, application and device security at USP Zdrowie.

Implementation of integrated KODO and KODO EMM systems solved our main problems related to endpoint fleet management and disburdened the Service Desk team, so we could use them to different tasks.

Michał Ponomarew

System Administrator

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