Case study
TOYA S.A. is one of the main producers and distributors of hand tools and power tools operating in an international market


TOYA S.A. is one of the main producers and distributors of hand tools and power tools operating in an international market. Precise corporate strategy, which is an assurance of profitability and company development in an economically responsible way, allows to continuously introduce innovative products, gaining new markets and continuous development ofsegmentation strategy.


A couple of years ago the company invested large financial resources to exchange existing fleet of laptops to the new mobile devices. They would be mainly used by the mobile sales force and managers. The mobile workers could, at last, communicate with the SAP transaction module and prepare the sales offers while on the road. The management, including product managers,received the ability to analyze remotely the data incoming from SAP resources via warehouse applications. However, together with making the work of managers and salesmen easier, the serious gaps in the company’s data security system appeared. The mobile devices carrying business contacts enabled access to other sensitive corporate data, such as business offers, product documentation,contracts, and other confidential resources.The protection of such data is extremely important to any business. It can be especially appreciated in case of full or partial data damage, or after the malware attack (incl. ransomware).

Our input

The cure to the data security problem appeared a combined solution of Storware KODO, KODO EMM and IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect provided:

• continous data protection

• file versioning

• incremental backup

• data compression and deduplication

• encryption

Storware enabled secured data sharing and collaboration in our organization. We were provided with regular software updates, data encryption, and many mobile device management tools, such as remote wipe out or device locking. Most of all we have received one management console and central repository for the data security.

Robert Borys

IT Director


KODO for ENDPOINTS – robust and comprehensive data protection services for end users devices, whose data reside on their local drives. It protects your critical data from loss due to malware, hackers ransomware, theft or loss of the device,or just simple human mistakes.