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Tietokeskus – Finnish provider of comprehensive ICT infrastructure solutions, products and services.

With Storware, backups won’t be the thing we need to worry about.

Richard Paloen

System Specialist



Founded in 1989, company employs more than one hundred specialists in six locations that cater for the corporate and municipal sector and other customers requiring high-quality services. Tietokeskus´ RESURSSI concept is a scalable ICT service package for all needs from individual projects to annual contracts.


The core of company’s operations is a Finland-based data centre with a high standard of data security.

Tietokeskus provides a complete range of services for several municipalities and serves as a vendor of a major government IT contractor for ICT products and services for public sector agencies and units. Their main strength is first-rate customer service coupled with a close understanding of customer needs.

Back in the days Tietokeskus had a problem with availability of VM-backup solutions available for the size of their Citrix XenServer environment. Storware changed this all.

Our input

Storware vProtect has been used to protect 19 Citrix XenServer hypervisors in Tietokeskus. It is worth to notice that many of them are around 1 TB in size, which results in daily backups reaching total size of 14TB.

vProtect is able to simultaneously export VMs from multiple hypervisors. Built-in load balancing algorithm optimizes backup performance to maximize transfer speed. Eventually, backups are stored in a world-class backup provider – IBM Spectrum Protect.

With vProtect Tietokeskus can easily backup, monitor and restore any of their VM’s. The backups run very fast and always within their specified backup windows. Storware helps Tietokeskus to heed to their customers needs.

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vProtect is simply VM-level, container-based data backup, better resiliency for critical VMs, containers and applications running on a specific hypervisor and last but not least the consistent full or incrementally (CBT/CRT) backup.