Case Study
SachsenEnergie AG Implements Storware Backup and Recovery for XEN Virtualization


SachsenEnergie AG is a key player in the energy industry in Eastern Germany, providing electricity, gas, heat, water, telecommunications, electromobility, and smart services to the region. As the largest municipal utility in the area, the company is committed to promoting renewable energy sources and investing in regional infrastructure to ensure a secure energy supply for the future.

Business / Technology Challenge

SachsenEnergie AG faced an issue due to the absence of a comprehensive backup solution for their XEN virtualization environment. Their previous backup strategies were based on local backups or, in some cases, involved no backups at all.

SachsenEnergie AG required the integration of a backup solution with IBM Spectrum Protect. The ability to integrate with tape libraries was also very welcome.

Number of Hosts and Virtual Machines:

The virtualized environment at SachsenEnergie AG comprised collection of dozen hosts with high three-digit number of virtual machines.


To meet its backup and recovery needs, SachsenEnergie AG selected the Storware backup and recovery solution, which provides seamless integration with Enterprise Backup Providers, and in this case IBM Spectrum Protect. Additionally, the Storware solution offered several key benefits, including:

Centralized Console: The solution provided a centralized console that allowed easy management of all hypervisors and virtual machines, simplifying the backup and recovery process.

• Agent-Free Backup: Storware eliminated the need to install backup agents on every protected machine, reducing management overhead and enhancing operational efficiency.

• Improved Work Efficiency: The integration with IBM Spectrum Protect ensured efficient and reliable data protection, reducing the risk of data loss and downtime.

• Tape Backup Capability: The solution provided the flexibility to back up data to tape, offering an additional layer of data redundancy and compliance support.

SachsenEnergie AG highlights:

• SachsenEnergie AG expressed high satisfaction with several aspects of the Storware Backup and Recovery solution, including:

• Real-Time Workflow Console: The real-time workflow console provided a clear and intuitive interface for monitoring and managing backup activities, allowing for quick response and action.

• Quick and Intuitive Backup Configuration: The solution’s ease of use allowed for rapid configuration and scheduling of backups, reducing the complexity of backup management.

• Simple Yet Efficient Components and Architecture: The solution’s straightforward components and architecture ensured that it met the company’s backup needs without unnecessary complexity.

• Valid Solution for Other Virtualization Platforms: In addition to addressing XEN virtualization, Storware’s solution proved valuable for other virtualization platforms, endpoints, and applications, offering a versatile and reliable backup and recovery solution.



SachsenEnergie AG’s successful implementation of Storware Backup and Recovery for their XEN virtualization environment, integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect, demonstrates the importance of choosing the right backup solution to protect critical data and ensure business continuity. The solution’s centralized management, agentless backups, and efficient components have greatly improved the company’s backup and recovery processes. SachsenEnergie AG’s recommendation of Storware solutions underscores their satisfaction with the solution’s effectiveness and reliability.

Storware’s solution provided the most effective and comprehensive backup solution for their XEN virtualization environment, addressing all our needs and more.

Daniel Kaiser

Group Leader Platform Operations at SachsenEnergie AG

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