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Founded in 1892 as a mill, Abel + Schäfer can look back on a long tradition marked by innovations.

Storware vProtect solutions for backup and restoring virtual machines fulfilled our requirements in terms of both flexibility and maintaining the highest security standards

Tomasz Kłos

IT Specialist


The Abel + Schäfer / KOMPLET group of companies is one of the leading firms producing raw materials for the confectionery and baking industry. The company’s success is the result of many years of experience, high quality standards, use of the best raw materials and innovations.


The firm also invests in technological solutions that not only ensure the highest product quality, but also business continuity and resistance to breakdowns.


Maintaining business continuity is a priority for our firm. The continuous development of our organization and the changes taking place on the IT market require future-proof solutions. As we cannot allow for a loss of access to data or unplanned halts in production that could result from outages in our IT infrastructure, we also require reliable solutions for creating backup and restoring data.

External threats such as ransomware, but also internal threats such as human error, can deprive the firm of access to information on clients and orders, or interrupt the production process. For this reason, securing our IT infrastructure and resources requires a rational, expert approach, as well as stable solutions.

For Komplet Polska, the speed of restoring required business operation after an outage is also important – indicated by RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

The infrastructure that we wanted to secure consists of several dozen virtual machines, all of which are based on Nutanix AHV. Changing from our previous large backup provider was principally due to the need for the firm to have greater independence (no vendor lock-in). We also required light, agentless solutions that would allow for simple automation of data protection. In addition, the flexibility of the solutions was also important in terms of choice of intended location for storing data – in our case these are NAS servers.

Our input

Storware vProtect solutions for backup and restoring virtual machines fulfilled our requirements in terms of both flexibility and maintaining the highest security standards. The offer was also the most attractively priced, which was an additional advantage.

Storware vProtect is equipped with functionality that considerably simplifies its use and also shortens the time necessary for making backup and any possible restoring of data. Here, I am talking about incremental backup, snapshot management, file-level restore/revert and ease of creating backup policies for groups or individual virtual machines. In short, it is a flexible, state-of-the-art tool with an intuitive web interface.

In selecting a software solution, technical support was also important to us. As a company, Storware is focused on its clients and reacts quickly, and implementation of their solutions was highly professional. Additionally, thanks to the Storware Insight service, the client can share the logs from their backup tasks with the support team. As a result, the support team can react quickly to every inconsistency detected.

What is more, Storware vProtect offers the flexibility that we require – it supports many different backup locations and a whole range of hypervisors. If there are changes or expansion of the infrastructure, or if test environments are created based on open virtualization, it will not be necessary to change to new backup and data restoration solutions (no vendor lock-in).

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