Case Study
One of the leaders of the Polish insurance market

Europa Ubezpieczenia


For over 20 years, the Europa Insurance Group has worked on creating innovative insurance solutions, has cooperated with banks and has looked after the security of over a million Polish citizens and partner companies. The firm is one of the leaders in the insurance industry in Poland.


In 2017, the firm took the decision to modernise the process of securing data dispersed across a variety of end devices. Previous solutions had been non-intuitive and had used an outdated interface that did not ensure comprehensive protection of user data.

The main problem was the lack of fast backup recovery from workstations, as well as ensuring file version control so that in the case of a ransomware attack, it was possible to restore previous versions of infected documents.

The admin department had to recover data itself directly from workstations after every outage. This was extremely laborious due to differences in the structure of work in head office and among mobile employees.

A new threat that the client had to face up to was the ransomware phenomenon – malicious software that encrypts data on infected hard drives through employees inadvertently clicking on links – with a ransom then being demanded for return of the data.

Our input

A helpful solution was proposed by the firm Si4IT, which provides services in the broad field of IT and the latest network and hardware technologies, and Storware – the manufacturer of Data Management solutions, including the Storware KODO for Endpoints system. Thanks to their combined experience of many years and close cooperation, as well as their knowledge of central backup systems and the problems related to protecting and safe sharing of data within organisations, the teams were able to resolve the problems and headaches affecting the client. A key part of the solution was the possibility of integrating the KODO for Endpoints platform with an advanced engine for infrastructure protection – IBM Spectrum Protect, formerly TSM – which TU Europa had used for over 10 years.

Employees currently use a transparent form of KODO for Endpoints, thanks to which there is no need for extensive training on using the software. What is more, as the application works ‘in the background’, it is not necessary to adapt working patterns to fit in with planned backup sessions. At the same time, staff can return to a previous version of a file according to a defined policy. Thanks to implementation of the solution, the organisation is better prepared to meet the requirements of the bill on Personal Data Protection.

The client appreciated:


• high level of integration with IBM Spectrum Protect central backup systems
• speed of implementation
• efficiency and scalability
• simplicity of use
• reducing the time required to train employees
• file version control
• safe sharing of data between users

• global data protection policy ensuring central backup of environments
• physical and virtual servers
• desktop PCs and laptops
• intuitive interface of ‘Enterprise’ class system
• fast reaction time to needs and issues reported by IT administrators

Storware KODO for Endpoints enables employees to share data safely, providing access to data on many devices in real time while ensuring file version control. Basically, this solution works.

Alan Rac

System Administrator, SI4IT

KODO for ENDPOINTS – robust and comprehensive data protection services for end users devices, whose data reside on their local drives. It protects your critical data from loss due to malware, hackers ransomware, theft or loss of the device, or just simple human mistakes.