Storware and XCP-ng technology alliance

Storware is proud to announce a technology alliance with XCP-ng!

XCP-ng is a fully open-source alternative to the XenServer hypervisor. It is a solution 100% compatible with the project supervised by Citrix. Although XCP-ng works exactly like Citrix Xenserver, it has no restrictions.  Every bit of XCP-ng is open-source. So you can freely use all the advantages of this robust and fast-growing virtualization, powered by a vast community of individuals and companies. And now you can easily protect XCP-ng VMs infrastructure with compatible and tested backup & recovery solution – vProtect.

As virtual machines are prone to multiple disasters it is a good practice to use trusted data protection tools. With vProtect deployed in your XCP-ng infrastructure, you can make full/incremental backup, snapshots, automate backup processes and recovery tests, and many, many more. Are you interested in all vProtect functionalities?

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XCP-ng with Xen Orchestra Web UI