When I review candidates’ CVs, there is often one specific phrase there  – that they are keen on “self-development’. Then questions like this pop into my head – what direction, what area of industry they are  interested in, what they want to achieve. The phrase is very general, as the path to self-improvement encompasses both the professional and personal spheres. I therefore have a question for you: how do you invest in yourself? Just don’t take it as a start to coaching! 😉  If you’re wondering where to start, I’m happy to share with you the activities that help me with my own self-development. And if you are already in the process, let’s be inspiration to each other!

Books and media

Reading books –  too obvious actually. Literature on personal development proliferate like mushrooms after rain. Every year, dozens of new books or guides are launched to help us become better versions of ourselves. Some of us cannot imagine a day without reading at least a few pages of a motivational book, and the ones on the opposite side believe that many of these publications are just empty clichés and marketing slogans. In my opinion, let everyone read what they like! The most important thing is that we get the best out of our reading and that the content actually contributes to broadening our horizons. Choose a topic that you are interested in and reinvent yourself.

For those who don’t necessarily feel the vibe of the books – there are many beautiful and inspiring films that can change, all too much, our point of view, including ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘The Untouchables’ and ‘Rocky’. Personally, after watching this kind of movie I always get a lot of thoughts and reflections, but at the same time it boosts me up in a way. It’s a specific feeling that I’m sure many of you have experienced.   There are also interesting podcasts or short videos that you can play while standing in traffic on your way to work. Those 10-15 minutes can get the job done and provide practical tips to help change the mindset in everyday life, just like that. My recommendation is: „Psychologia, którą warto znać” by Mirosław Brejwo. I have taken out some important aspects from it for myself, which I have implemented and now I live a much lighter life.

Learning new things

It is impossible to move forward without making efforts, challenges, making mistakes, adapting, learning new things. But! in order to do something we need to have a goal, it is worth thinking first about priorities and what you are really interested in. Do you want to speak English fluently? Wrap up your sources, look for opportunities and a form that suits you. Even the most expensive and best courses will not guarantee success, you have to dig through it by yourself. Have you always dreamed of trying something, but an inner voice said “Don’t be silly”? Make a plan, embrace the challenge, don’t be afraid to fail – it is from such lessons that you will learn the most for your development. I know what I am saying. 😉


If you want to grow, it is important to surround yourself with people who are inspirational and actually keep their fingers crossed for you. Your environment has a strong influence on our thinking, attitudes and approaches. The saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together” not without a reason… When you are close to people who motivate you, support you and believe in your abilities, you become more confident and determined to achieve your goals. I took those words seriously and dismissed energy vampires or wing-clippers from my circle. Do you know what I wish? I wish I had done it sooner. People who constantly criticise and complain are like brakes.   Also pay attention to who you follow in social media and whether it actually gives you any added value. It is worth doing a review of your observations and asking yourself if the person brings anything positive to your life. Does it inspire us to take action, provide valuable information or the opposite. Take care of your surroundings, both in real and virtual life.

Physical activity

As a physical education teacher, I will always support sport. The saying goes, “the sound mind in a sound body” – and it is true. Physical activity allows you to focus on something other than everyday problems – it can be a form of meditation, giving your mind a break from your worries. Self-development sports focus not only on physical strengthening of the body, but also on the development of mental, emotional and spiritual spheres. Here I can mention yoga, running, pilates, martial arts or climbing as examples.


Self-reflection gives me the space to think about my life goals. I can assess whether they are in line with my values and whether they continue to motivate me. Regular reflection helps me to adapt my goals to my current situation and needs, which in turn enables me to manage my development more consciously. Sometimes it is worth noticing what I am doing to myself by being in an inappropriate environment. There are times when it makes sense to say STOP to someone and just leave. Let us not forget that most of the time we are the captains of our ship, so it is up to us to decide what decisions and their consequences we may face in the future.


Personal development is a never-ending journey full of challenges, discoveries and satisfaction for us. Every new experience, both the positive ones and the more difficult ones, are valuable lessons for us. We learn from our mistakes and instead of being discouraged by failures, we should see them as opportunities to learn and improve. Ideal people do not exist, but it is worth trying to be a better version of yourself every day 😊. With these reflections I will leave you today and keep my fingers crossed for self-development.

text written by:

Ewelina Partyka, People & Culture Specialist