Office 365 backup with KODO for CLOUD

Nobody should have to experience data loss due to bigger or smaller disaster. We understand what does it mean to lose something precious and – in fact – crucial for your business continuity. We live in a world where data is the new oil. If we ignore this fact, we can pay a high price for it. According to a study by Touche Ross, 90% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan will fail after a disaster.

KODO for CLOUD has a simple philosophy – do more with less and gain space and time to unleash the full potential of your company resources.


This article focuses on our latest backup & restore software for Microsoft Office 365. It is divided into two parts (with description and dedicated video)

Part I –  Introduction to KODO for CLOUD, history, market needs, solutions and features

Part II – Product overview – live demo





History of KODO for CLOUD

For a long time KODO was a product focused on end-to-end company data protection (devices, stores, mobile devices and services). However such powerful tool turned out to be too complex to meet the current market needs. That’s why we decided to do two things:

  • Split the old KODO into modules, that are easily understandable, easy deployable and flexible (to provide data protection for companies with various IT infrastructures)
  • Refresh UI and modernize software architecture

Microsoft Office 365 nowadays

Worldwide adoption of o365 is increasing rapidly. The main reason is that’s a very flexible solution for companies. Additionally, family of Microsoft Office applications is well-known across all types of businesses. But as soon as you move data to cloud environments (Office 365), you should remember one thing – data stored in the cloud is your property, and you are responsible for its safety. Although MS Office has some backup/restore capabilities, they are on a very basic level and usually cannot meet a business client expectations.




Typical reasons why you should backup Office 365 data

There are some typical examples why you need to backup your cloud resources, in this particular case – Microsoft Office 365 business data. Let’s focus on 3 typical cases:

  • You want to recover a file or mail that has been deleted a long time ago

What says ‘Microsoft Office 365 Retention Policy’?

A 93-day retention period spans both the first- and second-stage recycle bins. At the end of 93 days, the document is permanently deleted from wherever it resides, in either the first- or second-stage Recycle Bin.

Therefore, if you need to recover a file or email that has been deleted more than 3 months earlier – Microsoft will not help you. In KODO, you can set any file retention period and easily find and restore the version you need.

  • Human error

The employee accidentally or intentionally deletes important data or emails, the employee overwrites the documents shared on OneDrive, the employee leaves the company and deletes the entire contents of his mail, attachments, documents. These are situations with which companies meet each day.

  • Ransomware/Malware Attacks

If your organization has not been the victim of such an attack – you have a lot of luck. There are hundreds of attacks every day on companies that do more or less damage. With a backup of your data, you can easily and quickly restore the full functionality of your company.


How KODO can help you to protect o365 data?

  • Easy UI – we want to keep it as clear and intuitive as possible. No “additional” and expendable options.
  • Modernized architecture
  • Efficient storage strategy – data is encrypted, deduplicated and compressed
  • Instant data restore to local PC or to Office 365 Cloud
  • RESTful API – if, for example, you would like to automate the whole process of backups, restoration and so on with your service desk solution, ticketing software or CM engine you are more than welcome to do that with RESTful API. It makes admin life much easier.


Part II

KODO for CLOUD – product overview

  • Configuration
  • Data policy
  • Users synchronization
  • Deployment of data protection jobs
  • Files restoration to local PC and cloud

Summarizing, with KODO you get the whole package of necessary tools to reach the highest performance and safety requirements of your business data workflow.