How to build Enterprise Endpoint Protection as a service?

How to build Enterprise Endpoint Protection as a service?

Software as a Service, or simply SaaS, is a model for delivering software in the cloud, mainly business applications – such as customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), accounting services, data security and backup.

Why go cloud

Using the cloud, customers reduce the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of physical machines, and increase the possibility of easy scalability and maintenance of the solution. SaaS in recent years is a rapidly growing branch of services related to the IT market, mainly due to the still insatiable consumer and business appetite for easy and quick access to online data.

According to Gartner analysts, the SaaS market in 2018 will be worth over $ 55 billion. In the 2 following years, the growth trajectory will continue and it will reach $64 and $75 billion. One of the main factors of growth is savings for customers – especially in the SMB sector, which prefer to subscribe to software rather than pay high license fees.

How to build it?

One of the first steps to building an offer in the SaaS model is software architecture, which is cloud-friendly and easily scalable. Ideally, the application should support multi-tenancy, so be able to serve many clients and enterprises on one server instance.

There are also a number of other important factors, such as:

– Easy scaling of the application that is offered in the SaaS model– Easy expansion of the platform with new functionalities– Self-service platform model, offering a simple and transparent range of functionalities for users– Security of sensitive user data

You can offer all of this and much more to your client along with KODO and the possibility of building a data protection service for end users’ devices.


Storware KODO is a unified platform that focuses on securing end-user data from devices such as a desktop computer, laptops, smartphones or tablets. The latest release supports also cloud services such as Office365.

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