Am I a director after working hours?

Have you ever thought about how much your work has to do with your passion? OK, we can go classic by saying ‘work is my passion’, but that’s not what I mean.

Common Ground: Professional and Personal Spheres

In my life I have met many different people, from different backgrounds, with different work and life experiences and even different social status. What did they have in common to some extent? Question – what is such a petite woman doing in boxing and with motorbikes? You will say – what a stereotypical thinking! While to some extent it is indeed, today I wanted to dwell not on what I am socially allowed to do and what I am not, but rather to consider how much common ground there is between the things I do professionally and the things I do after work.

From Marketing to HR: An Unexpected Journey

In my previous article I mentioned how I came to be in HR. If you have not read it yet, just click [HERE] It will make it easier for you to understand what I will discuss below.

Professional Characteristics vs. Private Passions

Let’s look at it this way. Professional characteristics:

HR Director with marketing background – a creative soul with analytical and strategic thinking, looking for improvement, high quality operations. Forecasting, prevention-oriented, and anticipating risks. The aim – to test new and innovative solutions, getting out of a comfort zone. Digs within herself, digs within others and looks for values, talents and passions from which she draws inspiration and energy to act.

Personal characteristics – passionate about creative portrait photography, creating ‘figures’, costumes for her models; training boxing for several years and working as an Olympic boxing competition judge. A motorcyclist who loves Latino culture, learns Spanish during Latino and… high heels dance classes. You’ll think – who is that person?! A bit creepy, a bit hardcore, or maybe… just not appropriate ? Let me quote my previous article – ‘no one is going to tell you how you should live’. Of course, I am aware that there are certain (un)lucky professions where a position in society plays a specific role and imposes a certain way of life, but still.. it is a voluntary choice of that individual. There is so much hassle about credibility, honest communication, looking for talents and people working in teams on “permanent” basis. Give me a recipe for a good long-term working relationship, that would be better than just being honest from the doorstep without concealing your true self?

Connecting the Dots: Professional and Personal Parallels

Okay, but where’s the analogy? Let me give you a few examples:

  • Professionally – “…with analytical and strategic thinking…”, “Forecasting, prevention-oriented, and anticipating risks…”
  • Privately – “…training boxing and working as Olympic boxing competition judge…”

Can you see it now? Perhaps you have an idea for another example? If not, let’s move on.

  • Professionally – “… She digs within herself, digs within others and looks for values, talents and passions from which she draws inspiration and energy to act…”
  • Privately – “…loves Latino culture, learns Spanish during Latino and… high heels dance classes”

Embracing Self-Confidence: The Role of Passion

Do you understand already? So let us discuss it. Since she is professionally involved in analysis, research, strategy building, how does this relate to her boxing? What do you see in the ring? Boxing is nothing more than a fight strategy, analyzing your successes and failures, drawing conclusions for further work. Anticipating risks also plays a huge role here, because in the ring it’s all about observing and anticipating your opponent’s movement, because one of the factors for success is always being one step ahead of the action of the other side.

The second comparison is already about working with people, understanding them and, like a chameleon, transforming yourself to understand them better. By the way, you take something for yourself – speaking more than one foreign language is certainly a great asset. But look! We also find an analogy between example 1 and 2. What is boxing if not a kind of dance, made up of steps learned in such a way as to react instinctively? Professionals call it muscle memory.

If we wanted to dig further, we would certainly find many connections and correlations, while the important point of today’s message is that we should not, and it concerns all of us, be ashamed of what is important to us, because sometimes, despite our fears, it is something that can really make our position stronger and strengthen us internally as well as… externally! There is so much hassle about self-confidence, but what does such confidence stem from? I will share a secret with you. When I talk to candidates during interviews, ask them various questions, I can immediately see when I hit passion. You may not be aware, but the moment you answer the question which brings you close to your passion, your faces change, there is a completely different energy coming out of your body language and, best of all, you just can’t stop talking, and that is so adorable!

Leveraging Passion in the Professional Sphere

Do you already know why during recruitment interviews we are always keen on talking about the passions you mention in your CVs? As you can see from the attached illustration, this allows us to know your professional profile better and find hidden spaces that will be an asset in having you in a team.

text written by:

Aleksandra Lipowska-Rochalska, HR Director