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3 things to keep in mind while working from home

3 things to keep in mind while working from home

At a time when many of us have had to adapt to new working conditions, data protection is becoming a fundamental issue. It’s no secret that the COVID19 pandemic has revealed many weak links in the processing and storage of confidential business data.

Working from home, either on company equipment or using private devices, employees need to take care of appropriate procedures related to data protection more than ever before. What else to keep in mind?

Home networks or other public networks may not meet the required security standards (network firewall). Therefore, the device is susceptible to unauthorized access to the computer and information stored on it.

Many organizations create data in cloud environments, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Suite. This prevents unnecessary downloading of company information to a device. This is a good solution. But even data kept in the cloud need backups due to human mistakes, both accidental and malicious or accidental overwriting of data.

Employees often share the device with family members. It is not possible to monitor visited pages or clicked links. There is always a risk that a device will be infected with malware. Automatic backup of key folders and the ability to instantly restore data is a guarantee of maintaining business continuity.

There are areas where the right software is enough to eliminate these problems, like KODO for Cloud or KODO for Endpoints. In other cases, we need common sense and a bit of knowledge.