VM backup

Backup of virtual servers

Virtual server backups can be performed by conventional backup software. Although this is the most straightforward approach, it often leads to resource contention. The additional resources needed to execute a backup may compromise the performance of the virtual machines on the physical server being backed up.

Due to the features of most modern backup software – which include snapshot management, data recovery elements, cloud support, VM protection – backups can do so much more than simply restoring data in the event of a storage or server failure.

We bring the solution

Such an up-to-date enterprise backup solution for virtual environments is Storware vProtect.

It is designed to back up the virtual machines that are running on Open Source platforms such as Citrix XenServer, Xen (based on a regular Linux distribution), KVM and KVM for IBMz Systems.

For the current users of IBM Spectrum Protect, vProtect is a perfect addition that extends capabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect Family (TSM) by providing a comprehensive, scalable protection for Citrix XenServer environments.

Using snapshot based backup strategy, one can quickly backup not only data but also configuration of the running virtual machines. vProtect also provides easy to use CLI and web UI management interfaces.

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